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All lubricated components require the right lubricant and amount for a sustainable mechanical performance. With 30 years of experience in lubrication and mechanical maintenance in all industries, we can recommend the correct lubricant for your application. We also will gladly assist you with any questions or issues you might have about your equipment’s lubrication. This is just a small sample of the services we offer:

For you consultation in any of these areas, contact us at or call at 678-806-0131

Client Testimonials

  • Large Steel producer

    We’ve been using your Nexolub CS 1.5 high temperature grease for 8 years in our Danieli continuous caster with great success.
    Lubrication Services Manager
  • Paper plant

    Soon after we applied your grease in the press roll bearings, vibrations went down considerably and stayed there. It saved us from stopping production in our paper machine.
    Maintenance Manager
  • Large Aggregates Group

    The lubricant was a great success. The roaring of the bearings lessened greatly, and they are still running over a year later with lower metal counts.
    Maintenance Manager

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