Nexolub - Industrial Maintenance Qualified Lubrication


“Nexolub products fit the highest expectations for quality industrial lubrication and mechanical maintenance.
Our goal is for key industrial equipment to stay productive for longer.”

Ricardo Hein, Director, Conexo Inc.

Who we are

Nexolub is a line of specialized lubrication products by Conexo Inc for industrial equipment operation and maintenance.

Our products were designed specifically for equipment operating under extreme conditions such as temperatures, speeds, loads, and contamination.

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We are good at

Higher Equipment Availability 99%
Extend Life Cycle 99%
Sustainable and Reliable 99%
Reduce Parts Failures 95%
More Productive Time 94%
Less Repair Costs 92%
Lower Vibrations 90%
Longer Lube Service Life 90%
Latest Lube Technologies 85%
Increase Lubrication Economy 80%


With 30 years of experience in lubrication and mechanical maintenance in all industries, we can recommend the correct lubricant for your application.

Ricardo Hein
Ricardo Hein is the Director of Conexo Inc. He assists industrial equipment operators with specialized lubrication and maintenance technologies.

Prior to this assignment, Ricardo led business development and oversaw technical support for performance lubricants at Shell, Fuchs, and Castrol Industrial, overseeing sales to heavy industries in five continents. Ricardo has advised a large number of industries in lubrication for the most challenging applications in production equipment.

He received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Marine Engineering from UdeMM.  He also earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Depaul University with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and marketing. He also speaks fluent German, Spanish, and Portuguese.



Client Testimonials

  • Large Steel producer

    We’ve been using your Nexolub CS 1.5 high temperature grease for 8 years in our Danieli continuous caster with great success.
    Lubrication Services Manager
  • Paper plant

    Soon after we applied your grease in the press roll bearings, vibrations went down considerably and stayed there. It saved us from stopping production in our paper machine.
    Maintenance Manager
  • Large Aggregates Group

    The lubricant was a great success. The roaring of the bearings lessened greatly, and they are still running over a year later with lower metal counts.
    Maintenance Manager

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